Pete proudly presents his applets...

Welcome to the section of my home page dedicated to JavaTM

In this page you will not find stuff like the JDK, JavaTutorial, Java FAQs etc since you can easily found them in other sites.


Instead, in here you can find some applets that I have developed on my own and I believe that they can be useful or educational.


If you want to contact me, report any bugs or if you just want to get the sources, just send me an email at the following email address:

A fully interactive program that can help you understand how Quicksort works.
It has the following unique features that I’ve never met in other applets:

  • It explains each step of the procedure.
  • You can modify the size of the array.
  • You can enter your own numbers.
  • You can go backwards and forwards.

Last updated: 14 Oct 1996

You create a text file with the messages you want to scroll, and the applet do the rest!


  • It has builtin support for greek characters.
  • You can specify the background color of the applet.
  • You can specify optionally for each separate message:
    • The direction it will move
    • Its color
    • How fast it will move
    • How much time it will stop at the middle of the screen

Last updated: 7 Nov 1996

TvScroller is the next version of the “Java Scroller” but since its appearence, its features and the way it is used are fairly different than JavaScroller, I’ve decided to name this applet TvScroller.


TvScroller is NOT a replacement for Java Scroller! The development of Java Scroller will continue independently of the development of TvScroller.


With TvScroller, the visitor of the page can control the flow of the messages. The apprearence of the TvScroller applet looks like a TV with video buttons.

Last updated: 14 Nov 1996