SDARTS: A Protocol and Toolkit for Metasearching

  • Panagiotis G. Ipeirotis
  • Jiangcheng Bao
  • Tom Barry
  • Alexander Besidski
  • Yan Besidski
  • Luis Gravano
  • Noah Green
  • Boyle M Lee
  • Mike Medric
  • Sergey Sigelman

SDARTS is a protocol for metasearching over document collections.

You may consider using SDARTS if:

  • You want to search (one or multiple) text or XML collections that you havefrom a single search interface.
  • You want to search remote document collections that export their metadataunder the Open Archives protocol.
  • You want to search multiple web-based document collections from one, single search interface.

SDARTS was developed as part of PERSIVAL (an NSF Digital Library Initiative–Phase 2 project) at the Computer Science Department of Columbia University. SDARTS is a hybrid of two previously existing protocols, STARTS and SDLIP. SDARTS is essentially an instantiation of the SDLIP protocol with a richer set of metadata, which can be effectively used for building sophisticated metasearchers. SDARTS makes a wide variety of collections with heterogeneous interfaces accessible under one uniform interface. The SDARTS toolkit provides ready-to-use, configurable wrappers. They can be used directly for wrapping locally available  text and XML collections, and for wrapping web-accessible databases. The SDARTS toolkit also contains two optional sets of applications: