Query by Document

We are experiencing an unprecedented increase of content contributed by users in forums such as blogs, social networking sites and microblogging services.  Such abundance of content complements content on web sites and traditional media forums such as news papers, news and financial streams, and so on.  Given such plethora of information there is a pressing need to cross reference information across textual services.  For example, commonly we read a news item and we wonder if there are any blogs reporting related content or vice versa.


In this paper, we present techniques to automate the process of cross referencing online information content.  We introduce methodologies to extract phrases from a given “query document” to be used as queries to search interfaces with the goal to retrieve content related to the query document.  In particular, we consider two techniques to extract and score key phrases.  We also consider techniques to complement extracted phrases with information present in external sources such as Wikipedia and introduce an algorithm called Relevance Rank for this purpose.


We discuss both these techniques in detail and provide an experimental study utilizing a large number of human judges from Amazons’s Mechanical Turk service.  Detailed experiments demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed techniques for the task of automating retrieval of documents related to a query document.