System, Method, Software Arrangement and Computer-Accessible Medium for Incorporating Qualitative and Quantitative Information into an Economic Model

A system, method, software arrangement and computer-accessible medium can be provided for incorporating quantitative and qualitative information into an economic model is provided.  An exemplary method for analyzing qualitative information associated with a characteristic of at least one entity based on associated quantitative information, includes, obtaining first information which contains at least in part a qualitative information relating to at least one of the at least one entity; determining second information associated with at least one attribute of the characteristic obtained from the first information; obtaining third information which contains at least in part quantitative information associated with at least one of at least one entity; and establishing fourth information as a function of the second information and the third information to determine which of at least one attribute affects the characteristic.  For example, an observable economic variable can be characterized using numerical and qualitative information associated with one or more of the entities.  The influence of the quantitative and qualitative information on the observable economic variable for a given entity relative to other entities may be determined using statistical regressions.